Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spring Break 2005 (part 9)

Clubbing at City Walk

One of the "adults only" clubs became a "teens only" club for the night. They only admitted ages 15-19. There were a lot of disappointed grown-ups that night. I wasn't one of them.

Of course, I had to occupy myself since there was no way for me to pass myself off as a teen. I just decided to people watch while sitting at an outdoor cafe.

It's amazing how unHAPPY people can be in a place that's SUPPOSED to be fun, on what is SUPPOSED to be a vacation. Lots of kids whining/crying and getting dragged around by the arm, or being yelled at, or being smacked. Damn, people! Lighten up!!

After 3 hrs of people watching, in the rain, I was "red-to-go." They just happened to wander out of the club, as if on cue, and shared the experience with me:

"Ewwwwww! Some dude dry-humped my ass!" said one.

"OMG, those people shoulda rented a ROOM!" said another

I didn't know if I wanted to hear more LOL

All in all, it was an OK experience for them but nothing to write home about. They really did NOT like having their asses rubbed by strangers. Gee, I don't know WHY lol.


Blogger GA girl said...

It's a good thing they learned this now. It should help them avoid the bar/club scene in a few years.

2:32 PM  

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