Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spring Break 2005 (part 5)

The room was great. We had 2 queen beds and a full-sized sofa sleeper. There was ample walking/luggage room, and a kitchenette (without a stove). This was gonna work out just fine.

Except for that fucking cellphone. The 4 of us had a quick brainstorming session while she was dragging her ass up the stairs with all that luggage. What are we gonna do about that cellphone? She is going to have to mold to US. We are NOT going to mold to her. She has to get with it & become part of the group as we'd planned for months. This was gonna take some tough love. We huddled. Ready, HOO YAH! Break!

Tiva finally made it to the room and we all began unpacking. She decided to keep everything in her suitcases so she wouldn't need a drawer. The rest of us took the 4 drawers.

I had figured that we would all take turns on the sofa sleeper, since it would be unfair & it would totally suck if one person got stuck with it & the mattress was shitty. Tiva decided upfront that she wanted the sofa sleeper. Except she didn't know that it actually had a mattress. She was just going to sleep on the couch cushions. I showed her how it worked. She was amazed. And it was comfortable. She was happy, and so were we.

Her most common response to things during this trip was, "Dang! Really?MmmHmm "

She went into the bathroom & the girls leaped into action. They took the battery out of her phone & unplugged her charger. As soon as Tiva came out of the john, she noticed her phone light wasn't on. She requested (and was denied) her battery. She plugged the charger in. Damn, we'd been foiled. We're gonna have to be a bit more bold next time.

It was midnight and she was still taking calls. I told her to shut it off for the night & not to turn it on until after 9am. She did as she was told. I was pissed that I even HAD to tell her. Again, stupid? Retarded? A stupid retard perhaps?

This was going to be a long fucking week unless we could de-program her QUICKLY.



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