Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spring Break 2005 (part 4)

We finally get the fuck out of the airport and are desperately searching for fast-food. There is a McDonald's right across the street from our hotel---YESSSSSSSSSS!

I figure that since burgers are cheap, I'll get everyone 2 of them. As I pull in, I ask, "Who wants cheeseburgers, and who wants hamburgers?" Everyone blurts out their preference. Except Tiva who says, "I want a large chicken strip meal," and points her attention back to her cellphone.

First of all, given the tightwad pattern that has emerged, I knew goddamn well SHE wasn't planning on paying for it. I ain't her momma, and I ain't a fucking ATM machine. Nowhere in ANY of our trip planning meetings did I volunteer to foot the bill, even if I AM the adult. Secondly, chicken wasn't one of the fucking CHOICES now, was it?? At this point my desire to be tactful was SOOOO past gone. I said, "Then you'll just have to hand me some chicken strip meal MONEY now, won't you?"

This whole time I was mentally thinking: 89cents x 2 vs 6.00, is she out of her fucking mind? She can't POSSIBLY be this stupid. Or is she just retarded & her parents have kept it hidden from me for all these years? Either way, I was like HELLLLLOOOO!!! WTF?

I was amazed at how fast she said, "Oh, I'll have a plain cheeseburger with nuthin' on it." That's more like it. I ordered a few extra of each, just in case.

We checked into the hotel and everyone gets into the elevator. Except Tiva, who now has to lug all that luggage up 5 flights of stairs. She is STILL/AGAIN on the phone. We were already so sick of her shit, that none of us offered to put her luggage into the elevator so she could just meet us upstairs. Fuck it. We wanted her to realize that stupidity has consequences. We weren't about to even pull them into or off of the elevator. Fuck it.

I figured she just viewed us as a ride to Florida and nothing more. She certainly had no interest in actually INTERACTING with us. We'll see you in the morning, when you've finally dragged your ass and all of that shit up the stairs.


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