Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spring Break 2005 (part 7)

I need to back up here about the whole Tiva/money thing.

After our first trip planning meeting, I booked this trip (on MY credit card) back in September. It was a relatively cheap $398 per person. Everyone was cool with it (probably cuz it was on MY credit card). Everyone paid promptly. Except Tiva. She made her first payment in FEBRUARY. Did you know that there are 4 months in BETWEEN September and February? She gave me $300 at our final group meeting.

Tiva: "I'll have the rest later."
Me: :blinkblink:

The group discussed which amusement park tickets to buy & cost. It was decided that we'd get a 2 day park hopper for Disney since there were only a few things they wanted to do at the Disney parks & they could get them done in 2 days. I found an internet special for Universal--buy 2 days, get 3 days free for $99. I think the total for both was around $270. I ordered them & charged it to my credit card a couple of days before our trip.

Fast forward to Orlando.

Given our experience with Tiva and her money, I figured I'd better collect what she owed me before she ran out of cash. Our 2nd night there, I told her I was ready to settle the bill for the rest of her expenses. Bobble, bobble.

She handed me a money order for $98, and then started counting out her $270. As she handed it to me, she looked at me with wide eyes & said, "Dang...I only got SISTEE dollahs leff. WHAT we gonna do for da ressa da week?"

I just looked at her & said, "Guess you're gonna have to call your momma & have her wire you some money, aren't you?" as I folded it up and put it in my pocket.

I figured it was either THAT or she could eat all of her meals in the room. Good thing she LOVES "Raymond" noodles. And I heard those TBS movies are great!


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