Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spring Break 2005 (part 8)

The first 3 days were the roughest. Without that fucking cellphone glued to her ear, she was like a fish out of water. But we gradually discovered that she could actually say more than "gurrrrrrllll," "HEY SHANAE!" and "MMmmMMMMM." Once she got rid of the cellphone, we realized that she could actually use more than 4 words in a sentence!!

Too bad the words she combined were TOTALLY fucking-assed ignorant. Oh well, we had picked our poison and were going to have to deal with it. I mean, how bad could it get?

We stayed up late and just talked about everything. We were talking about when the girls were babies & sharing some of the cute things they'd done. Tiva started chuckling and shaking her head like a crazy old lady in a rocking chair.

"My brother was a baby," chuckle, chuckle, shakehead, slapknee, shakehead, chuckle, chuckle. That was it. There was no other thought connected to that sentence.

One of the girls (the track star/pole vaulter) has had asthma since she was a baby. I remember her missing tons of school because she was always in the hospital. She'd even been life-flighted once.

Not to be topped, Tiva announced that she'd been in the hospital for a whole YEAR when she was little because she'd cut her hand. "Everytahm I moved it, the tendons 'n things would jess open up 'n fall out 'n stuff."

Being a nurse, I questioned this. "Did they really keep you in the hospital for a whole year for cutting your HAND?"

"Oh NOOOO," she laughed. "I had a head injury."

That explained a LOT.

Thank GOD we only had 4 more days of this.


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