Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Wrong Family was put down

Monday, August 07, 2006

Blah, blah, blahhhhhh

Sorry for the inactive blog lately. I have tons of shit to post but it seems as if there really aren't enough hours in the day (yeah, lame excuse, I know. So SUCK IT!)

I need to upload pictures of our new blind, deaf AND (as an added bonus) RETARDED cat. Sweet little guy is SERIOUSLY fucked up. No lie. His story can only be told WITH pictures, so you'll have to wait.

What's more fun than running into an old boyfriend?

Finding out that in the intervening 31 years he:

a. Went to prison for 6 years
b. Rides a bicycle to work
c. Works at Taco Bell (and NOT in management)
d. All of the above

Poor guy was such a sweetie, but truly a lost soul. Seems like I was the only one who ever really cared about him. I recognized him in the drive-thru by the set of his mouth. If I'd seen him up close and without his glasses, I would have known him instantly by his piercing blue eyes. In addition to his troubles, the years haven't been kind to him. But I can't say they've been all that kind to MY fat ass either lol.

We chatted for a bit; he, stating with bravado, "I've had a good life." Me, trying not to look upon him with the pity I felt that he hadn't had a BETTER life. I can STILL read him like a book.

His downfall had always been his self-destructive behavior. Seems he'd get up to a certain level in life, blow it all up, and start all over again. Ad infinitum.

I hope he is on an upward swing now and wish him all the best.