Monday, September 05, 2005

The Playpen Incident

The Playpen Incident

I felt it was necessary to elaborate on that last post. I will briefly relate to you that which I term "The Playpen Incident."

High School drama apparently doesn't end after graduation. For various reasons, all of them stupid and immature (on everyone's part), my daughter's "friends" have decided to try making her away-from-home college experience a nightmare. Yeah, good luck with THAT, bitches.

Basically, the 4 girls go to the same university about 2.5 hrs away from home. They have been a foursome for about a year, although the friendships have existed in various mixes for about 4 years or so. Only 2 of them (my daughter & 1 of them)room together. The other 2 knew better, as they would "kill each other" (their words).

Keep in mind that they have NEVER been joined at the hip, and would hang out when there was something to do. My daughter has never been one to call someone just to say "Hi, how're ya doing??"

This summer, my daughter met her boyfriend, who also goes to that university and happens to live 1/2 way between our house and said school. The group dynamics changed from a 4some, to a 3some + others, and my daughter's 2some.

Fast forward to the first week of school. Boyfriend puts an away message up for his AIM/AOL account. Two of the 3 girls(let's call them SheBabies, cuz I am feeling charitable) assume it's about THEM. The two of them decide to barricade my daughter's dorm room door so that she can't get in.

Imagine the following temper tantrum:

L&R get up to her dorm, L tries to use her key & the lock won't turn. The door won't budge. From inside the room, SheBabies have barricaded the door with something. L tells them to open the door.


L reminds them, through the door, that she LIVES there.

"Well, YOU Can come in but HE CAN'T!!!" came the reply.

L reminds them that she can bring in anyone she pleases.

"But we signed that room mate agreement!"

L reminds them that the agreement was that ANYONE either of them chooses can come in.


L starts to cry in the hallway. R is pissed off that they have made her cry. Again. He's been watching her weep over these "friends" for weeks now. She has felt at a loss in how to make things "right" or at least harmonious again. At this point, she feels like too much of an outsider to initiate anything with them.

The SheBabies finally un-barricade the door. L&R get in, L grabs her books and leaves, slamming the door behind her. She spent her day and evening studying in the Student Center.

She went back to her dorm to pick up some items and then spent the night at R's. She was still upset and told me, "I feel like I can't even stay in my own ROOM! I just want someone to HOLD me, ya know?? The only one who loves me out here is R."

Although it made me extremely sad and angry when it first happened, I couldn't help but laugh after seeing this image in my head of 2 toddlers with very large grown-up heads, stomping & screaming their heads off in a playpen while wearing saggy diapers, footie sleepers and holding their blankies on the other side of that barricaded door.

Is there ANY fucking way to sprinkle some magic "Sanity Dust" or "Let's-Be-a-Less-Fucked-Up-Bitch Dust" over that campus? How about a nice dose of "Shut the Fuck Up," or some "Leave-Me-The-Fuck-Alone-If-You're-Gonna-Be-Evil-Psycho-Bitches juice" in the water supply? Out of 22,000 students, she can't possibly be the ONLY one who'd benefit from this!

Either way, my main thought is this: If you want to continue to be friends, Y'ALL need to ACT like it. GET OVER SHIT, already! If you just exist to try to make her life miserable, you need a new existence. You should have learned that from this summer. After all, who had a summer full of hugs and kisses, while YOU had a summerful of nothing but bitching about HER?

I am going to have to remind my daughter that, for liability purposes, she is going to have to remember to keep the siderails up.

Oh, and remember that KARMA is a bitch.


Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

I don't understand why girls are so bitchy. Fortunately/unfortunately for me, I never went to college and lived in a dorm, but I've had my fair share of f'd up female cohabitants as an adult.

It IS immature. I have a cousin in college. She's 22. She acts 12. Things she whines about today, I whined about when I was 15.

6:12 PM  

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